Lindy Dale interviews me

Lindy Dale, author of realistic romances, interviewed me the other day, I am sorry I didn’t mention it til now!


On the 14th Day of Christmas

Posted by L.A. Dale
We met a lovely English rose by the name of Lily Byrne.  I confess to having a guilty developed pleasure ~ it’s reading her Ragnar series, of which I hope there’ll be more.
So anyway….
I love what people name their jpg’s.
Funnily enough, Lily’s was called
‘posing’. 🙂
1. What inspired you to write RAGNAR THE JUST?

I just wanted to see if I could write a gay male romance. I didn’t intend any of my characters to be gay, I just noticed that one of them was, so I wrote a story about him falling in love with a man, which was even more taboo back then.

2. Is there a particular song you listened to which summed up the emotion in this novel while you were writing?

Emotional Fire by Cher.

3. Is there a hidden message anywhere in its pages?

Er… there’s always a way to find happiness, even if its unconventional. And people are the same now as they were then: prejudiced, tolerant, hating, loving.

4. Did you have a crush on a character in it while writing?

Yes, I like Kjartan a lot, even though he’s annoying, violent and unreliable.

5. As the author, many people would like to know, did you laugh or cry while writing any of the scenes?

I laughed during the scenes where Kjartan and Lini were fighting and ended up putting on funny voices, over-acting and laughing. I felt like crying when Lini had something horrible happen to him (I don’t want to give the story away).

6. Give me a random paragraph from Ragnar the Just to titillate new readers
Lini held out his hand. “To seal our forgiveness.”
Kjartan took it and found it was shaking. Normally he despised weak handshakes but this time he wanted to be reassuring, so he squeezed the hand to steady it. Lini gasped and stroked his fingers, gazing into his eyes. No one had ever looked at him like that before.
Kjartan’s body took the decision for him – it didn’t care about social convention – so he pulled Lini towards him and kissed him, their tongues and teeth clashing in urgency. Ah, that gap in his teeth at last.Holding each other tightly, they kissed for a long time, trembling with lust. The full moon shone down, lighting everything in silver, and even the warrior’s white-blond hair appeared paler than usual.
Pausing for breath, Lini put his head on Kjartan’s shoulder with relief. Kjartan opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, so he stroked his companion’s soft, tawny hair and nuzzled his ear, wrapping his long cloak around them both.
“What do we do now?” Lini muttered into his neck.
Help us know more about you…
1. Tea or coffee?
Neither, I only drink herbal teas
2. Death by Chocolate or Cheesecake?
Neither, I’m intolerant of dairy
(LINDY: Guess that’s more for me then :))
3. Sleep on your back or on your stomach?
My side
4. Left handed or right handed?
5. Savory or sweet?
6. What is your favorite genre to read?
Historical romance!
(LINDY: have you noticed, readers, that most of our authors list their own genre as their favourite to read?)
(LILY: Funny that!)
7. Ale/cider or cocktails?
I don’t drink alcohol
8. What is the one thing you’d like to do before the world ends / you die?
Swim with dolphins
(LINDY: Come to Western Australia!!!)


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