Highlighted in Hollywood!

My publisher Taylor Street Publishing and my books are on Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s page today!


Here’s what he says about me, what a nice description:

The publishing house also has published the novels of author Lily Byrne, a lovely woman in the English countryside that has an imagination like no other on the European continent. Several of her books are available on Amazon.com.

Byrne tells Highlight Hollywood that it was her daughter who gave her the inner-fire to make her dreams come true. “After  becoming a mum seemed to kick start something in me: I realized that I now had a purpose and time was limited, so I must get on with it,” the author admitted on Monday. “Tommy, I live with my family in a small village in southern England, and during the winter of 2009, it was so severe, so being housebound by unusually deep snow, I settled down in my office (which was a corner of our bedroom), and began my first book, which was published in 2010.  I haven’t stopped writing since,” said Byrne.
I must also say that Ragnar the Just is getting a new cover soon…..! Wait and see what it is!
I’d say for good reason. Her novels are gripping, as her imagination shows now boundaries, and she has a great artful way of wording her stories, that makes you want to live in her mind for a short time.  You never want to put her books down.

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