Writer Wednesday: Interview with Ron A. Sewell

I am very happy to welcome a good friend of mine, Ron Sewell, to my blog today. I have known Ron for about three years and he is a stalwart supporter of his friends.

He is a man who gets to the point concisely, so I will let him tell you about himself in his own words.


Ron A Sewell

About Ron, by Ron:

Most important – I am happily married with four children.

I have been writing for many years and completed six novels, “The Collectors,” is my latest series.

I was born in Edinburgh, but after one month my parents relocated to London, England. At fourteen, I left home. With my passport and more or less an empty rucksack, I headed for the south of France. Here I had a fabulous time and grew up fast, working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

On my return to the UK, I joined the Royal Navy and remained in it for 35 years. I also enjoyed sailing yachts for them.

I served as a marine engineer, trained as an engineering diver, a parachutist and worked with Air Sea Rescue. I eventually became a fully qualified engineer and further certified as a deck officer. The eventual command of an RN patrol boat was my highest achievement.

 My featured book is The Collectors. Book Three of the series is soon to be published.

Ron Sewell back cover

Genre: Action Adventure.  The idea came from a good friend of mine, Betty Schwartz, at one time an editor for Hodder. We were discussing writing in general and The Collectors evolved from that.  She gave the first of the series the once over, suggested some changes and the series was born.

Theme or message: 

Comradeship, working together and friendship.


Before starting any novel I take a great deal of time checking the facts used in my writing. I believe that you must have all these details spot on, or your work loses credibility.  e.g. your main character may jump a chasm but not in a million years can he/she exceed the world long jump record. In reality I doubt if they ever come close to it.

Funniest piece of research: 

There must be some but I cannot think of any!

Note from Lily: a likely story Ron! More likely you are secretly the hero of this book!

My characters are drawn from many people.

I often people-watch and take bits from all and sundry.  The actions of the public can be very amusing and extremely useful.

Do I plan my novels?

Yes. First a general idea, followed by research and then the words. However with The Collectors I’ve found that because I know the main characters so well I often write what they tell me. We often argue.

My favourite characters:

Bear Morris in The Collectors is a loveable giant of a man and is always hungry. Food and sleep are his main priorities in life. As a friend you couldn’t want for better.

The most useful piece of advice was again from Betty Schwartz who told me: Your characters are the life and soul of any book, make them real, then add a bit more.

Additionally, I would recommend you write every day even if you don’t want to.

My current project is to complete six books in The Collectors series.  Maybe there will be more but the central characters, like us, are getting older.

What would I like to say to my readers?

I gain a great deal of enjoyment from writing. I only hope you, the reader enjoy reading my work.

The Collectors Book 3


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