Writer Wednesday: Interview with Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie

Today I interview Katrina Bowlin-MacKenzie, author of a wide range of genres.

Born in San Diego, CA and now living between Northern California and South Wales, UK. Katrina is the mother of four wonderful grown children, the grandmother of almost ten, (seven grandsons and two granddaughters) one due any day, sex not known yet. Plus she is great grandmother to two very precious little girls.

She is an Intuitive, a Healer, a Psychic Counselor and an author. She enjoys traveling, jewelry making, crafting, gardening, reading and writing.

Her published works include:

The Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Development-published 2009, republished in 2013 http://amzn.to/1NWO2Am

Ancient Echoes, a Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy- published 2010. http://amzn.to/1P161qn

Sacred Fire of Twin-flames, published in 2013. http://amzn.to/1P165q5

Seven children’s books-

A Fairy Tale, The Secret, Bluen Island and Missing Lissa all published in 2011

Honor’s Magical Imagination, Lizzy The Reluctant Princess and Brooke’s Magical Adventure and all published in 2012.

Please tell us more about yourself, anything you like- interests, background…

I am the mother of four, grandmother of  almost ten, and great grandmother of two. I grew up in various places in the US. In late 2005 I met a man living in Scotland in a Spiritual group on MySpace. We became friends and in July of 2006 I flew to London to meet him. After spending five weeks with him we realized that we are Twin-flames. He came to the US for Christmas to meet my kids and grandkids. In 2007 I spend six months with him in Inverness, Scotland. Finally in June of 2008 he traveled to the US and we were married. I moved to Wales, UK to be with him shortly after the wedding.

As a Walk-in, a soul that has walked into a body that was already on the Earth plane but wanting out. I replaced Kathy’s soul, after she accidentally overdosed on drugs and was in a semi-coma. I took over her mission, releasing her to go home. I was a part of her soul, but living a parallel life, I had completed my incarnation, my last one on this plane. Shortly after awakening, and not knowing anyone or anything, no memory, I started having dreams of the ‘Otherside’. I vividly remember sitting around with the Elders and them requesting that I return here to the Earth to assist in the upcoming Ascension, by teaching this cold and heartless world to love again. I learned that with a little concentration I could rewind her memory, like rewinding a tape, and I could remember her poor sad life. I could remember, but the memories had no emotion, rather like watching a video.

During the dreams about the Elders I remember I did not wish to return to this plane, as it is one of much pain and suffering. I was promised my Twin-flame to walk with me into the Ascension if I would agree to the Mission. I finally gave in and experienced the Walk-in situation.

During this lifetime, both as Kathy and myself I have gone from one cold, or abusive relationship to another, never being truly happy and always wanting more. I was also restless in jobs and living situations, moving on every two years or so. When I met Phoenix and flew to London to meet him, I didn’t know what to expect, another cold relationship? When I walked off the plane into his arms, I knew I had come home. Finally my promise was fulfilled, I had found my Twin-flame.

Please tell us more about the book or books you would like to feature today.

Cover work fin upI am a multi-genre writer. I have written seven Children’s books, each written for one of my children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, one Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy, and two Spiritual books, Beginner’s Guide to Psychic Development and my newest book, Sacred Fire of Twin-flames. This new book tells about Twin-flames and our personal journey to be together. It includes the stories of eight other Twin-flame couples and their journeys. It also explains the concepts of Twin-flames, Soul mates and Soul families.

What gave you the idea to write in this genre?

After finally finding each other and going through the journey of Immigration and all the ups and downs of finally getting together, I then met other Twin-flame couples and listened to their journeys. I knew that this was a story that needed to be told. So with their permission and their stories, I put pen to paper and this book was born.

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect with?

That we each have a Twin-flame that completes us, to never give up or settle for less than your other half. This book tells the different methods that were used by the couples to find the other half of their soul. Describes the relationships and gives hope to those still searching.

Note from Lily: I actually completely believe in Twin Flames, there is sometimes no other way to explain why people ‘click’ with each other.

What research did you do, and how? Or does it all come from your own imagination?

This book came from my own experience and the journeys of other Twin-flame couples, that they were so kind as to share with me.

What’s the funniest/weirdest thing you’ve done when doing research for your book?

For Ancient Echoes I researched the myths and legions of the Mohawk tribe and I even downloaded the Mohawk dictionary so I could use the language in the book.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

In my children’s books, each story is based on the personality of the child in question and their names are used as the characters. In Ancient Echoes, my Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy, the three main characters are based on two on my daughters and myself. Several other characters are based on different family members. My Spiritual books are non-fiction.

Do you make a plan for your novels, or do you just start writing and see where it goes?

For the Children’s books I made a plan for each so that I could incorporate the child in the book. For Ancient Echoes, the story has been going through my head for years, and I finally put it down. The book I am currently working on all came to me in a series of dreams. Once I start a fiction book the characters have a mind of their own and often take the book in a direction I had not thought of or intended.

Which of your own books/ characters is your favourite and why?

Sacred Fire of Twin-flames is my favorite at the moment, as it is my story and about my journey to find my other half. I really love Ancient Echoes as it incorporates memories of a lifetime in Atlantis. My Children’s books are special as each child it was written for is special and it was a joy to watch their faces light up when they saw their name in the book.

What has been the most helpful piece of advice you’ve received as a writer?

To set aside the same time every day to write, even if you receive nothing you are still sitting there prepared and waiting for inspiration. If you are consistent with it, the words will come.

What books or other projects do you have coming up in future?

I am currently working on a detective book. The main character is based on Horatio Caine from CSI Miami.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?

I truly hope you get some enjoyment and or information from reading my books.

(Excerpt of Sacred Fire of Twin-flames)

A Twin-flame, a perfect mate. Who doesn’t want to find that?
Read this book to see inside the private world of several Twin-flame couples.

This is the personal journey and experience of how my husband and I found each other, from the other side of the World, how we beat the odds to come together and become husband and wife.

This book also includes the personal stories of eight other Twin-flame couples. These couples were kind enough to bare their souls to share their stories and give advice to you.)

My website- http://mystweaver.wix.com/k-bowlin-mackenzie


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