Next steps

I am naturally a quiet, private person so it’s uncomfortable to me to open up about what I’m doing. Which is ironic as that is all writers do all day- reach into their soul and heart to drag out how they feel about their subject, their plot and their message.

Today I sent a finished book, actually a novella, to my first literary agent. I have no idea how this will go, I’m trying to think positive but expect little.

I’m looking into self publishing too, but that seems complicated so I will see what happens.

Comments welcome below.


7 thoughts on “Next steps

  1. Do what feels right. And good luck with the agent. I gave it a year the trad way but in those days, you were only meant to approach agents one by one. It took me a year to get polite nos from five of them. In an ideal world, though, I think it’s worth doing both. If you can get trad published, you can get into all sorts of places that an independent author can’t. Then you make the money on your self published books.



  2. All the best to you in finding an agent, Catherine. I once had one, but gave up on her, and have since gone the self-publishing route, then the Indie route with Night Publishing and Taylor Street. Now, with my new books, I’m back to self-publishing with Tortoise & Hare (Tortoise being me and Hare being my wife). If you find an agent who will work with you, and have success getting a contract with a publisher, that’s wonderful. If you don’t, no matter; write wonderful books, build your base, learn how to successfully promote your work, and enjoy your life as a woman, a mum, and a writer.

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