A rejection

I hope this isn’t the first of many, because one agent said ‘we do not represent novellas or short stories’ and wished me well. I haven’t written anything above 40K, so I’m not sure what the other agents will say.

Onward and upward, as a good friend says!


9 thoughts on “A rejection

  1. One step at a time, one day at a time, Catherine, is the way to success. There may be an agent out there that does represent novellas and short stories. I remember when I used to send stories and poems off to magazines. I always sent along a stamped, self-addressed envelope so I’d get the manuscript back, and a stack of envelopes to send the manuscript off to the next magazine. Eventually everything I sent out that was worth publishing got published. I made a game of it. These days, we have three acceptable options: the traditional avenue of author agent to traditional publisher, sending our manuscripts off to an Indie publisher, and/or publishing them ourselves. I’ve done both and will continue doing both, as it gives me control over more of what I do from now on, and this makes me smile. I wouldn’t go back to “the old days” for anything, as they were and are far, far too limiting for someone at my age.

    You’re a good writer and story teller, Catherine. Best to you each day with your writing and getting it out there for people to read and enjoy.

  2. Sorry to hear that but at least hey were quick.

    Are you in the uk? We have a handy thing, the writers and artists yearbook which lists all the agents and what they’ll look at as well as publishers and all kinds of stuff. If you’re not in the uk there might be something similar for wherever you are. It saves loads of time and helps you to point your book at the right people.



    • Yes, that was very prompt.

      I got my list of agents from good old Preditors and Editors. I am in the UK so I picked UK agents.

      The short length of my book is probably a problem. I don’t know :/

      • You know, length might be an issue.

        You might be better trying to sell it somewhere else like in magazines or even on Radio. BBC R4 is running a submissions round at the moment. They want a short story, 1900 – 2000 words, to read on Radio 4.

        It’s a good exercise and they have a list of all the ones that were picked last year so you can get a feel for what they want. I was interested in how similar the pacing and rhythm was in the ones they picked. So now I’m trying to ape that style, myself. Something like that might be worth a pop. It wouldn’t take too long to do, you’ve nothing to lose and it’s a fun exercise.

        Re Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. Seriously, get one, they are brilliant. The library should have it, too. Or the Reader’s handbook, which is similar. It tells you what genres they accept, whether their lists are open or closed, how they like their stuff submitted, it gives you their web addresses. It’s gold! £14 well spent.




    • Here is the link for people who want to enter the comp:


      Unfortunately, my story would breach these guidelines 😦

      “We are interested in seeing stories which cover a broad range of subject-matter but material which explores particularly dark, harrowing themes is not best suited to Opening Lines.

      Stories must not contain … unsuitable material which is likely to cause offence to a wide audience of all ages.”

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