Chapter 2 of the Saga

By Steve Pemberton

William WrinkleBottom was known throughout the land, to be the utmost faithful and one of most trustworthy of footmen to Lord Julian de Riviere. No matter his orders.

So walking over to Georgiana with Julian’s note, that would be certain to place him in the most charming light, given his talent for flattering women with his written word. William WrinkleBottom forgot to warn Lord Julian of the utter shock that would most probably come upon Georgiana when he graced her with his very high pitched squeaky voice. William WrinkeBottom often thought that Lord Julian sounded like mouse when he spoke especially when he was asking someone for some cheese

Lord Julian watched from across the huge hall as his faithful footman William WrinkleBottom tapped Georgiana on the shoulder and pointed him out to her. Looking up from his written note Georgiana smiled and beckoned Lord Julian over. Now it was the time for Lord Juian to shine. Now it was the time for him to squeak like a mouse and just hope that Georgiana liked high pitched speaking men.

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