Have fun writing! Chapter 1 of the Saga

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to write as well as I can, but it’s not much fun. Who would like to join in writing a bodice ripper romance with me, full of heaving bosoms and manly chests?

In the past I’ve really enjoyed myself writing collaborative stories with friends, and that is what I want to do now- have fun writing!

I shall write the first chapter to set the tone, and if you would like to join in, please send your chapter in the form below, send it to me and I will publish them in the right order. Otherwise if people just comment on the first chapter they will all go out of sequence.

Please note: this is a FUN project but not something to treat disrespectfully.

Here is the first chapter:

Lady Georgiana Everard sighed as she finished her embroidery. What was she to do now her favourite, Piers, Viscount Montmorency, was engaged to her elder sister? Just because Marguerite was promised the family house and all the money didn’t mean he had to marry her. She knew he preferred her—secret glances at society balls, hands brushing over the canapés, letters sealed with an affectionate flourish—it was obvious.

Still, Marguerite Montmerency was an inelegant name. Georgiana Montmerency would sound much better. Georgiana sniggered.

“Georgiana. Whatever are you doing still dawdling?” demanded her mother, bustling in. “We have the Clarendons’ ball tonight and you should be getting ready.”

“Yes mama.” She bowed her head meekly but inside her heart was racing with passion. Her beloved Piers would be there, with Marguerite simpering and smirking at him. How she longed to slap her.


At the ball, she watched Piers enter the room, his yellow gold mane of hair making him look like a lion as he prowled across the floor to Marguerite. Her mahogany curls and porcelain skin had always been the envy of Georgiana, whose medium brown hair which wouldn’t curl no matter how she tried, and rosy cheeks annoyed her to the utmost.

Her heart pounded in her bosom as Piers kissed her sister’s hand. “Oh, why can’t it be me he desires?” she wondered, failing to notice the admiring glance of Lord Julian de Riviere, a stern faced newcomer to the county. He called the attention of a footman and placed a note on his tray. The footman began walking towards Georgiana.


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