Chapter 9 of the Saga

By Steve Pemberton

(those of a nervous disposition please look away now! 😉

“OOOOOOOOOOOOO La la la la la Madam I is thinking not. This is not the la art you are seeking oh no no no no no,” Pierre Uff-Knackeurs said as he wriggled his index finger with a rather overgrown looking sharp claw like nail attached to the end of it.

Marguerite, who is very repulsed by the disgusting sight of it, quickly covered her mouth with one of her small tender while silky gloved hands, feeling the great need to heave.

“Oh I am sorry I seemed to have forgot to cut my fingernails, I lost my clipper somewhere in the folds of time.” Pierre Uff-Knackeurs explained shrugging his shoulders.

After numerous gasps of calming deep breaths Marguerite got a hold of her stomach, that was at that moment in time felt like it was doing countless back flips. “Well that is my plan B gone up the fanny.”

Pierre Uff-Knackeurs’ fluffy sliver eyebrows automatically shot up at her comment like they were being control by an invisible puppet master.

“I say I could pull your plan B out of your fanny if you would like ?” Pierre Uff-Knackeurs said sensing a very strong burning blush of cheeks start to begin to grow.

Marguerite smiled, maybe her plan of flirting with the French man was still going to work out. Stepping forwards and letting the shadow of her wobbly jingly and most juicy looking boobs fall upon him she smiled and said….

“Let’s go inside your time machine big boy. Let’s take it for a whirl, and while we are playing with its knobs and holes and the alike, we can maybe go back to the moment when my sister was painting this and make her stop. In fact maybe we can end her rein of jealously once and for all. I know she wants Piers goodness knows why.”

“Maybe it is because he has a very large and impressive looking hammer. I is not gay but I must say I is wanting one just like his.”

Marguerite quickly grabs hold of Pierre Uff-Knackeurs trouser snake and softly pushes him back into the time machine.

“OOOOO Madam I is quite getting turned on here,”

“Oh yes I say what is that there?” Marguerite asked eyeing Pierre’s workbench.

“That is my freeze ray gun, I have been to the future. They have them there. There are a lot of helpful intentions in the future.”

“Let’s go get some of these helpful intentions, I want to end my sisters lust for Piers once and for all” Marguerite then laughed the most manly sounding laugh ever known to man.


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