UK Renewable Energy and Climate Change

A petition to sign to encourage UK to update its renewable energy goal to combat climate change

Petition here:

For the first time in decades the UK will not commit to a new renewable energy target. And the effect this may have on the nation’s developing green technology doesn’t look good.

Creating even more uncertainty, climate change secretary Ed Davey intends to let the market decide. Davey says the UK doesn’t need to set a specific goal because the carbon budget already demands low-carbon growth. But that energy could come from non-renewable sources, including nuclear power and fracking.

Supporters of renewable energy say Davey’s reasoning is deceptive because the indirect costs of fossil-fuel generation – its effects on climate, health and environment – are not figured in.

The current target, which goes to 2020, has been a key factor in the growth of wind and solar power and in making it more affordable. Failing to set a new goal is just another way of promoting shale gas exploration – on which the Treasury seems very keen.

Tell UK Climate Change Secretary Davey he MUST set a renewable energy goal beyond 2020!


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