I have a dream

My two favourite causes are the rescue and care of street kids, and organic food. I’m always wondering how to integrate these interests and others, as Emilie Wapnick, founder of the Multipotentialite site Puttylike http://puttylike.com/start-here/ says. ‘How to Smoosh Your Interests Together’.

I thought about these two causes and dreamed about an organic farm  in a poorer country, selling produce to local communities. Next to the farm would be a children’s home, where homeless kids would be brought off the street, fed with organic food, cared for and educated. When they grow up, they would have a guaranteed job working on the organic farm, or use their education to go and work elsewhere.

Who knows of a project like this, or something like it? Who thinks its possible? Everything starts with a dream, doesn’t it?


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