Rejection #2

I had another nice letter from a literary agent today, telling me that my book wasn’t something she could take further and wishing me the best for the future.

I’m not heartbroken, it is a novella and I’ve learned that people like full length books of 80K plus. I just don’t have the stamina or interest to write long books-maybe I should try short stories. I also know that I struggle with writing rich, evocative description. I get bored. I can imagine a scene with very little description provided so I assume everyone else can.

But all these reasons are why I’m losing interest in being an author and looking for something more fun.


12 thoughts on “Rejection #2

  1. Just because an agent says s/he can’t take your work further does not mean it is no good. Simply means you have got the wrong agent/wrong place/ wrong time. Agents have their preferred contacts, is all, and they will not take something on unless they can see who they might place it with.

    That you got such a good reply – got a reply at all – actually means that the agent sees your work has promise. You should be encouraged.

    Fran xx :-))

  2. Rejections, especially from agents, are especially discouraging, as they’re gatekeepers to the traditional publishing world. As for your books, Catherine, I’ve read each of your Ragnar books, found them interesting and enjoyable. Some of us write long books, some very long books, and some of us write short books. Write what you enjoy writing, publish them through an Indie publisher or publish it yourself if you will, but by all means keep on telling the stories that you enjoy, as others will enjoy them too. If writing is one of your dreams, then, keep it up, write in your style knowing that you will touch some readers who will thank you for providing them with enjoyment for a while. And when you need to take a rest from it all, take it, enjoy it, and find a blessing in it. 🙂

  3. Try not to be discouraged. If you’re anything like me you write because you can’t help it rather than because it’s a sensible business decision. A no always knocks us back but remember that there are any number of factors at play here, over and above whether or not they enjoyed your work, that will lead to a no.



    • Yes, I am like you MTM. I have to write, I can’t avoid it. It is definitely not a sensible business decision, you’re right. I’m not heartbroken about the continuing rejections as I’ve been writing and taking criticism for over four years now.

      I think I’m going to just write what I want and publish it on my blog here, the publishing world is swamped with writers, its impossible to rise above the general mass. Its just a fun hobby for me these days, not serious 🙂

      • Definitely worth doing it in whatever way makes you, personally, feel fulfilled by doing it! That’s why I self publish mine. I know what you mean about the swamp though. Indie authors… there are a lot of us about.



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