The good side of sport

Some of my friends ask why on earth I watch sport, thinking it’s boring and pointless. I nearly always watch big events, like Olympics, Six Nations Rugby, World and European Football cups, Wimbledon, motorsport series. I thought it was the competition- who would win, who would lose; the adrenalin rush of exciting sports etc.

But I just realised. It’s not that. It’s the human stories of courage, kindness, humour, unity that I like. So here are some pictures and videos to illustrate what I mean.

These are all from the Sochi Winter Olympics.  I am not endorsing Russia’s stance on homosexuality, I am endorsing the good side of sport and human nature.

Some are moving, some are funny, some are bizarre. Please click on the links to see the videos:

Sochi Olympics Figure Skating

US Skater Jeremy Abbott has agonising fall, to the horror of the watching Russian audience

Olympics Sochi Abbott gets up

The Russian audience cheers as he gets up and finishes his routine, says ‘I had to finish for them!’

Olympic Sochi 1

My brother, my inspiration- but which is which?

Olympic Sochi 2

The Little Snowflake that (almost) could

Shaun White meets kids who survived cancer

Snowboarder Shaun White misses gold medal but inspires kids who survived cancer

Gold medal winner waits to congratulate last competitor

Gold medal winner waits to congratulate last competitor

And of course, the best of the lot:

Canadian coach helps Russian skier

Canadian coach rushes to replace broken ski of Russian after he fell









Not earth shattering but stories of little human acts which affect others in a positive way.


2 thoughts on “The good side of sport

  1. These are the things that most impress me about sports — the kindnesses and victories of people, like the Canadian coach helping the Russian skier, and the 41 year old Japanese ski jumper that won a silver and a bronze in his sport.

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