Get serious about climate change

I’ve been a global warming sceptic for a while, because the Earth’s climate has been wildly changeable ever since it formed- long before humans had any effect or even presence here- are we really affecting it so drastically? But I’m wondering if the scientists were actually right. After the last few years of hard, cold winters- the promised cold snap before the warming- now we seem to be getting the global warming. This winter has been very mild and very, very wet, as we all experienced in Britain.
Here is a thought provoking message from Greenpeace re: climate change.

The public mood has massively changed over the last week: people are making the connection between the floods and climate change, putting the sceptics on the back foot.

In just a few days nearly 40,000 of us have signed the petition calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to dump his climate change denying environment minister. Now is the chance to put climate change back at the heart of our national debate and isolate these dangerous climate sceptics. Please sign the petition now:

We’re in the middle of a crisis, which the overwhelming majority of scientists and senior politicians are convinced is linked to climate change. So why is climate sceptic in charge of the department responsible for responding to its effects? It would be absurd if the issue was not so serious.

Cameron says he’ll do ‘whatever it takes’. That means having an environment minister that’s serious about climate change. Help get to 50,000 – sign now:

Even Cameron himself says he suspects the floods are linked to climate change, and “money is no object” when it comes to flood defences. It’s increasingly embarrassing for him to have an environment secretary who doesn’t even believe the problem exists, and who cut funding to 1400 flood defence projects, in areas now under water.

Cameron is vulnerable right now on climate change and he knows it. The more of us who can show we’re serious about protecting our climate and stopping extreme weather, the more likely he’ll be forced to act.

Let’s pressure Cameron to get the sceptics out of government. We can reach 50,000 signatures today:

It’s high time this government got serious about climate change, its causes and its devastating effects.


Greenpeace UK


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