Help Venezuelan People fight for their Human Rights

A call for help from Venezuela! Please sign the petition here:

Help Venezuelan People in their fight for their Human Rights

Gabriela Moros says:

In the last week, we’ve seen that in Venezuela there are protests by students and people who support them against the Government. But as a result of expressing and showing their point of view in these marches and protests, we’ve lost lives because of the use of arms against the population.

We are supposed to live in a free country, with democracy, but what democracy do we have if when we seek to express our point of view, they want to silence us, oppress us, and shoot their arms against us?? They’re not respecting our rights as human beings of expressing, of saying things out loud.

This petition is for you to show us that you are with us, and support us, not against the government, no, we need to know that you join us in our fight for the respect of our Human Rights!! We deserve to be able to show what we think, that’s what democracy means but here there is no respect about it, there is no respect for the population, there is no respect at all.

Thank you for helping Venezuelan people in our fight for our Human Rights!!


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