Ukraine petition

Like most people, I’m very concerned about the situation between Ukraine and Russia. As a member of the public, there is not much I can do but I have signed many petitions in my life. Some of them have had far reaching effects- innocents saved from jail, animals released back into the wild, indigenous tribes saved from greedy logging companies.

Today I found a petition by Ukrainians asking the global community to prevent Russia from moving into Ukraine.

Please sign if you would like to:

Russia, don’t touch Ukraine

Oleksandr Saveliev (the author of the petition) says:

For more then 3 month people of Ukraine have been stood for their right to live normal life in Ukraine. Many times they were attacked by the riot police, near hundred people were killed. 

Subsiquently the parliament of Ukraine voted for laying off the president Yanukovich and conveing new president elections. Being afraid of new government Yanukovich fled to Russia, after the number of European countries and all the Western world refused to shelter him and declared sanctions against him and his family along with a number of politicians. 

One week later Russian government declared beginning of a military operation on the Ukrainian  territory in order to defend allegedly abused ethnic Russians and Russian speaking people of Ukraine. The same scenario was played in a number of former Soviet Union republics cosing civil war and devastating those countries.

We ask global society to tell Russian government not to touch Ukraine and threaten it’s souvereignty.  

We want more of this ^ and less bloodshed! Give peace a chance!


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