Journey or Status?

An idea came to me last night, in the dreamtime just as I was falling asleep.

In our lives and careers, we choose to either take a journey or build status. We can’t do both. I don’t think we know we are doing it, we just instinctively do one or the other from birth.

Journey people move onward, from job to job, situation to situation, looking for experiences and knowledge.

Status people remain where they are, gathering people around them and moving upward in their lives and careers.

Which type are you?


6 thoughts on “Journey or Status?

  1. I used to think that long-term employment and staying where I was, was the thing to do – I did it for a LONG time. Now that I’m on a Journey – I’m a much happier and more-fulfilled person. What a great concept to ponder.

    • I’m glad you’re getting on better LJ 🙂

      It was very odd the way that thought came to me just as I was falling asleep last night.

      I’ve always been a journeyer, I realise. That makes me feel better for some reason. I’m not meant to be a status person 🙂

  2. Having left home before I finished school I began a journey and enjoyed life to the full. Ironically it led to status serving in the Royal Navy. I’m now back on my journey.
    Maybe life is for most a bit of both.

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