War in Syria- Make change happen for Syria’s children

I received this from Save the Children today. The video is very moving.

Tomorrow, on 15 March, three years will have passed since the start of the Syrian conflict. That’s three years of suffering and loss for Syria’s children.

But what if it were happening here?

Watch our shocking new video looking at how a little girl’s life takes a devastating turn over just one year.

Our shocking video looks at the devestating impact of war on this little girl’s life.
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Sadly, the video reflects the reality for millions of Syria’s children.

Please watch and share the video with your friends, colleagues and family.

With over 25 million views around the globe, the video has shown that people do care – and if we can harness and channel this compassion, we can make change happen for Syria’s children.

Help us spread the message that just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


Gareth Jenkins
Save the Children


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