World Water Day 2014

This World Water Day we wanted to give you the chance to do something a little different to show your support for a world where everyone has clean water.

Write your name in water now >

You signed our Everyone, Everywhere petition last year, thank you. Your name makes our voice louder – in a noisy world, that’s so important and that’s why we’re asking for your help once more.

Thanks to support from one of our corporate partners, we’ll have a giant interactive waterfall in central London next week.

We’re all used to water being part of our everyday lives. It’s easy to forget how vital it is. But today, 768 million people are living without a safe, clean water supply. To change this, we need to raise awareness.

The waterfall will attract attention to key facts about the water crisis to make people stop and think. It will feature the names of the people calling for a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water. We need at least 5,000 people like you to add their names to make it work.

Yes, please add my name >

We’ll be asking passers-by to add their names too and filming people’s reactions to share with you on World Water Day (22 March), so you can see the impact your name has had in raising vital awareness about the water crisis.

Thank you so much for your support.

With my best wishes,

Angharad McKenzie
Head of Supporter Development

PS Add your name today to show your support for a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030!


2 thoughts on “World Water Day 2014

  1. Hi, Catherine,

    I like what you’re doing with your blog, mixing in issues that concern you with posts about writing. I’ve just started a WordPress blog, Musings by George Polley that I think  you might enjoy. It’s where I write about issues that concern me and other things I think about. The url is There are only 3 entries now, but I’m going to post another one today. Hope you enjoy what I’m doing there, and please do follow it if you of a mind to.

    Warm regards,


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