Multipotentialite Parents

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How To Balance Multipotentiality and Parenthood

Photo courtesy of Sam Howzit.

How To Balance Multipotentiality and Parenthood

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Catherine Chisnall.

I am a multipotentialite and a parent. I rejoiced when I found out about what a multipotentialite was and read everything I could about it, making big plans to fit my many interests into my life.

However, as a parent, I can’t suddenly change my routine to accommodate my interests. I can’t move to another town, change my daily timetable of looking after little children, or ask my daughter to “hang on for a few hours while I finish this project.” Life as the parent of young children is often boring and repetitive – the exact things guaranteed to drive a multipotentialite crazy.

Here are some tips for those of you who are both parents and multipotentialites and would like to have more time in your life for your various interests.

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