Secret Pillow Project by Fritha Vincent

What is a Secret Pillow? 

Here is the best explanation:

Fritha Vincent, the creator of the project says:

Secret Pillows have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to them by Stefanie, the beautiful and inspirational mother of my three friends Anna, Alexa and Natasha. The happiness I felt snuggled under a Secret Pillow alongside my dear friends secured the concept of Secret Pillows to memory. It was only as I started wanting to have my own children that I remembered the promise I had made to myself all those years ago – my children would also enjoy the delight and comfort that comes from snuggling on a sofa under Secret Pillows.

I re-discovered their charm as I began to make them as gifts for friends’ weddings and house warmings. One friend challenged me to start a business making and selling them. Immediately I dismissed this idea because I was busy building my own coaching and fundraising business, Believe YOU can make a difference. The dream to run my own business and to realise the sense of confidence, independence and creativity was inspired by Stephanie and other business women I have met.

My friend’s challenge, that I too quickly dismissed, had planted a seed that nagged at me along with the question – how could I also inspire others? Then eureka! I realised I could share the secret of Secret Pillows with women all over the world to inspire their sense of entrepreneurism through making and selling.

Empowering Women:

Fritha realised her Secret Pillow Project was more than just a ‘lovely’ idea, it was a solution to a genuine need. Over the last 10+ years there has been a global movement to empower women worldwide, by offering basic training and microcredit loans. Cottage industries have flourished but there is still a huge gap in the market for companies/charities offering products that make the producer a low risk, sizable start up profit. Having trained 3,000 women in India in basic job skills including sewing they understood only too well that lack of confidence, connections and diversity of product to sell outside local markets prevented women realising themselves as true entrepreneurs. They see Secret Pillow Project as a solution to this problem.

Fritha’s film about her Secret Pillow Project:

And what happened next?

Fritha’s website:

Fritha’s Kickstarter Project:

So from the top, what is the aim of this Kickstarter project?

The aim is to reach a goal of 500 Secret Pillow orders or reach an equivalent financial goal of £15,000.

How do you sign up?  

You pledge to contribute to the Secret Pillow Project. For each pledge you will receive a reward. Read about them down the right hand side. Every reward will make somebody the proud owner of a Secret PIllow.

I am so proud of Secret Pillow Projects rewards and I am confident that you will be excited about them too. Copy and paste this link into your browser to read more about the project.


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