What is your creative style?

I’ve always felt the need to write, but the publishing world has left me rather cold and unfulfilled. I wondered why that was, then came upon this quiz in the magazine Psychologies, which surprised me at how useful and freeing it was to find out WHY I am creative.

One of the questions sums it up.

To be creative, the most important thing is to:

  • Feel a basic need to be creative 
  • Dare to look inside your own soul
  • Want to give pleasure to others
  • Love your art

Which one of those are you? Take the quiz here:


2 thoughts on “What is your creative style?

  1. I like this, Catherine, and the test. I came out about where I expected to, as a rather eclectic person, one who communicates through his creativity, and at the same time, wants to stimulate in others what and who they can be. To enable them to see how they can relate to themselves, to each other, and to the world they live in. The story of Genjiro and Yukitaro, the old man and the monkey, says it best.

  2. I was in the category of wanting to enrich my life through creativity, finding another world, a safe place where I can explore possibilities. Something like that anyway. It was the right category for me. I don’t really want to perform in front of people, or make physical things out of clay or stone.

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