Sport Relief 2014

Oops! I forgot it was Sport Relief today!

Here is how you can help people all over the world who are suffering.

Raising money, changing lives

Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, have fun and raise life-changing cash, and it’s back from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March.

This time we’re holding the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games, featuring the Mile, plus new Swimathon and Cycle events. It’s never been easier to join in, do your bit and make a difference.

Scroll down to see what your money does

Find out more about how we spend your money at

How we spend your money

The cash you raise is spent by Comic Relief, to change lives at home and abroad. In the UK, you help give shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. Across the world, your money helps children into education, and provides communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines. And that’s just the start.

United Kingdom and International

Fairer Society

Helping people overcome inequality and have a say in decisions that affect their lives, whoever and wherever they are.

Safer Lives

Reducing violence, abuse and exploitation.

Stronger Communities

Empowering people, organisations and networks to play an effective role in their communities and society, as well as nurturing talent and leadership.

Healthier Finances

Tackling financial poverty, and enabling economic resilience in families and communities, as well as supporting enterprise and employment.

Better Futures

Improving the lives of vulnerable young people in the UK, and enabling some of the world’s poorest people to gain access to vital services such as health and education.


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