Footballer saves opponent’s life

Another example of people putting aside rivalries to save each other:

Jaba Kankava saves Oleg Gusev’s life after Dynamo Kiev captain swallows tongue in horrific collision

Gusev suffered a sickening accidental blow to the head that left him unconscious but Kankava acted quickly to save his opponent’s life

Fans at a Ukrainian league match between Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and Dynamo Kiev were left stunned when Dynamo captain Oleg Gusev’s life was left in the balance, after the midfielder swallowed his tongue having been knocked unconscious.

But in a heroic and quick-thinking act, Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava recognised the danger after Gusev caught an accidental knee to the head, immediately rushing to his side and clearing his airway – unquestionably saving the Ukrainian international’s life.

Seconds later, Gusev was seen to regain consciousness as he jolted up, kicking and writhing before calming down as other players and medical staff rushed to his aid. The crowd, left stunned in silence by the sickening collision, burst into applause for Gusev as he attempted to regain his standing, before being stretchered off the field.

Gusev was later seen on the touchline and appeared to have recovered, although the club have not yet given an update of his condition. Considering the severity of the accident though, he can count himself lucky if he escapes with a slight concussion and a sore head.

Video here (commentary in Russian but it’s obvious what is happening)


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