End extreme poverty

I had this message from One.org.

ONE Vote 2014

Ending extreme poverty is in our hands

Dear Catherine,

We’ve halved extreme poverty in the last 20 years. Amazing, right? And if we stay on track it will be virtually eliminated by 2030.

Next month we’ll elect hundreds of new representatives across Europe, the world’s biggest aid donor. These new Members of European Parliament (MEPs) could make the difference in hitting or missing the 2030 target.

Please take action now: call on candidates in the upcoming European election to sign our pledge to end extreme poverty by 2030. One click will add your name:



The petition reads:

Dear candidates,
Ending extreme poverty is in our hands. Together, we can virtually eliminate it by 2030. Please help make it happen by building support for the poorest countries and making governments and businesses transparent and accountable.

We’ve already seen big wins in Europe on development spending and transparency, but if we want to see more we must ensure that as many of the new MEPs as possible sign our pledge.

We only can achieve this if thousands of people across Europe – including you – take action.


2030 might seem like a long way off, but ending extreme poverty in our lifetimes would be an incredible achievement.

It’s in our hands.

Saira O’Mallie, ONE.org



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