Respect for Teachers

Like most of the nation, and much of the international community, I was shocked by the murder of Ann McGuire by one of her students.

I received the email below about a new petition taking off on It calls for more respect to be given to teachers, who after all, are educating the next generation of human beings. If there were no teachers, who would do that important job?

Hi Catherine,

There have been calls for metal detectors in British schools in the wake of a 15-year-old student killing Spanish teacher, Ann McGuire, at Corpus Christi Catholic College.

But the real issue is an ever increasing lack of respect for teachers and the teaching profession in the UK. Politicians and the media are expressing sympathy for teachers right now but, before too long, they will return to vilifying and criticizing teachers.

I just signed a Care2 petition telling David Cameron, Michael Gove and Fleet Street editors to restore respect for the teacher profession. Will you sign too? Here’s a link to the petition:

Thank you.

I feel strongly about this subject: my mother and father were both teachers and I worked in different education roles for 10 years. The world cannot carry on blaming everything on teachers- it is the easy way out, avoiding deep thought about what is going wrong or right.

Other people should play a positive part in bringing up children from birth to young adulthood- the parents; extended family; recreational club leaders such as Brownies, sports clubs; religious groups, such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish faiths; employers, who often organise work experience days; role models in the media, such as David Beckham, One Direction.

Everyone should play a part in bringing up our children- after all, one day they will decide on what happens to us, the older generation, and what happens to the planet.

So let’s start a positive movement for respecting those bringing up children. ALL of us. Not just teachers, who have all gone through rigorous training and preparation. We must pull together to educate the next generation of human beings.



2 thoughts on “Respect for Teachers

    • Thank you.
      Yes, I agree about the parents, but I wanted to highlight that teachers need respect. There is a lack of respect everywhere these days, it’s time people started treating each other better.

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