Five Ways to Wellbeing- Be Active- Roller skating

Roller skating2


Roller skating always makes me think of the 1970s when the skates were metal attachments you tied to your shoes… but then the 1980s arrived, bringing flash rollerblades which you put on like normal boots. I was so envious of my friend Sue, who got a pair for her birthday. We’re still friends though, so it didn’t ruin our friendship 😉

This article summarises the benefits of rollerskating/ rollerblading/ whatever the young folk are calling it now. Of course, rollerskating is not just for young folk!

roller skating3


Key benefits of roller skating:

  • Low-impact exercise for joints
  • High caloric burn
  • Aerobically as good as jogging or cycling
  • Involves all the major muscle groups
  • Mentally uplifting
  • Fun, hip and possibly glamorous

Women rollerblading

Where and when to roller skate:

  • Roller rinks (click here for a directory or skating rinks)
  • Parks and paved exercise pathways
  • Any occasion worthy of celebrating
  • As a way to regain strength after an injury
  • If you’re in a commercial or music video
  • When you find exercise boring
  • Winter or any day it’s impossible to exercise outdoors

How and where to buy roller skates:

  • What to look for when buying roller skates (click here)
  • “Big Box” stores like Target will carry low end roller skates
  • Roller rinks will carry a limited selection of low to mid-level roller skates
  • Internet retailers like Planet On Wheels carry all styles and price ranges
  • Older inline and quad roller skates can always be found at Goodwill and yard sales


Let’s consider the mental benefits. There’s not much scientific data (none that I could find) to support the positive mental benefits of roller skating. I don’t think it takes a multi-million dollar government funded study to recognize the fact that you never see a person roller skating and frowning at the same time. Between the music, lights, social aspect, health benefits and fun; roller skating could simply be the best total body workout there is.

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4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Wellbeing- Be Active- Roller skating

  1. I love roller skating. Can’t do it for long any more but if you have less knee ligaments than other people it’s a good way to exercise. Well… It is for me.

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