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Here is a charity I have volunteered for and sponsored five children with.

One day when I have more  money I will support another child again. It broke my heart to have to give them up but we had our own child and hadn’t enough money to support others 😦

Be very clear that the money you give does not just go to one child and exclude the others. It goes to the whole village, or area, to help them improve their whole lives. I will never forget one little boy writing to me full of excitement because his village had new, hygienic toilets built.

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What we do

Plan’s work to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty is based around 8 core areas:



Plan helps children, young people and adults to get the knowledge and life skills they need to realise their full potential.Read more on Plan’s education work »



From supporting immunisation programmes to training volunteers on strategies to combat malaria, Plan’s health programmes help to save thousands of children’s lives every year.Read more on Plan’s health work »


Water and sanitation

We work with communities to improve access to safe drinking water and to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation.Read more on Plan’s water and sanitation work »



Violence against children is widespread and has a devastating impact – threatening children’s survival, development and participation in society. Read more on Plan’s child protection work »


Economic security

Plan works to ensure that families in extreme poverty have the skills they need to increase their income and can access financial services. Read more on Plan’s economic security work »



From providing disaster relief to running recovery projects, Plan works to protect the rights of children and young people during emergencies. Read more on Plan’s emergencies work »


Child participation

Plan helps millions of children to learn about their rights and take an active role in their communities’ development Read more on Plan’s child participation work »


Sexual health, including HIV

Plan’s awareness-raising and direct response programmes help to empower children and young people so that they can protect themselves. Read more on Plan’s sexual health work »


What you can do

What you can do

There are lots of ways you can help. From sponsoring a child, to fundraising, to campaigning, you’ll be working together with Plan, children and their communities to make lasting changes, helping them move from a live of poverty to a future with opportunity.

  • Your support could make a lasting difference to the lives of children and their communities
  • Make an online donation to our work
  • Support Plan through your company in achieving lasting change for children and families
  • We can help you make the arrangements to leave a gift in your will
  • Information on how to write to your sponsored child, and other ways you can help our work
  • Show others why you support Plan by linking to us or by booking a talk from one of our expert speakers.

– See more at:


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