Five Ways to Wellbeing- Give- Street Kids International

One of my favourite causes is helping street kids. In the twenty first century, no child should be living on the street, so every charity working towards helping these children makes it a better world.

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What we do

Street Business Training in Rio de Janero

Street Kids International is a global organisation with a local approach.

We give street and other marginalised youth the chance to earn a decent living and to participate in their local community and economy.

We do this by developing and delivering training and tools that support these young people to build businesses and start planning for a positive future.

Defining ‘Street Youth’

We consider the term ‘street youth’ to mean ‘young people for whom the street has become a habitual abode and/or a source of livelihood, and those who are at risk of finding themselves in that situation’.

Working with local organisations

We work with a global network of local, youth-serving organisations. These partnerships help us ensure low administrative costs, and allow us to deliver high impact, culturally appropriate and contextually relevant programmes.

We work by training local youth workers from those organisations to deliver our programmes to the youth in their communities. The result is a multiplier effect whereby an increasing number of young people around the world have the tools to earn a decent living and take control of their future.

Those youth workers who really shine when delivering the trainings can develop their skills further and become Master Trainers.

What you can do

There are so many ways that you can support the work that we do at Street Kids International.

Whether it’s your organisation, your choir, your school, or just you, we have lots of ideas and advice to help you get involved.

Pick something you love doing

At Street Kids International, we want you to get the most out of helping us out, and we want you to enjoy it. Why not pick something that you love, and get sponsored doing it?

From donating your pocket money, to designing our flyers, to holding an event on our behalf, you can make a difference.

It is with your generosity that we are able to have the impact that we do overseas, and for this we are very grateful.


To contact us with an idea, question, or to learn more about how you can get involved – send us an email or give us a call on 02071486085.

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