Five Ways to Wellbeing- Connect- Streetlife, the local social network

Streetlife is a social network for local communities.

It’s a free and simple website for neighbours to connect and share news, views, recommendations and resources.

  • Connect

    Find people with common interests nearby and talk about the local issues that matter to you. Keep in touch with your local community around the clock, and even while you’re on the go.

  • Discover

    Book clubs, trusty plumbers, road closures, foodbank collections, campaigns to save the pub, and the best coffee in town… There’s a wealth of practical knowledge in your neighbourhood. Share it on Streetlife, and start making the most of where you live.


Streetlife screenprint



Watch the video here:



How it works

  1.  Sign up using your postcode and email address. We will never share your personal details.
  2. We automatically connect you with the people and conversations in your local area.
  3. You can post messages, events, polls and pictures, and locals can respond.
  4. You control how much information you receive and the areas you’re interested in hearing about.

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