Five Ways to Wellbeing- Be Active- Get into Archery

An unusual and fun way of keeping active:


Archery in the UK

Archery in the UKArchery in the UK is organised around clubs, counties and regions, with each playing its part in the development of archers. Clubs provide beginners with courses, and many run their own competitions. The counties and regions also run championships and provide routes for progression through coaching and squads.Archery GB is the National Governing Body and provides the infrastructure such as membership services, web site and magazine. It also has a performance unit delivering services to development and elite squads and teams for junior, senior and disabled archers, and is supported by national agencies such as UK Sport.

As a member, you will be able to access a number of benefits according to your need and wishes. All archers are supported by their clubs and by Archery GB, and, should they wish, will receive support from county to national level, that will give them the opportunity to compete for an Olympic medal, like Simon Terry who is pictured above.

You can get more information by reading our overview and may also be interested in reading the document that defines our formation as the Grand National Archery Society in 1861.

Archery in the UK – GNAS formation – PDF

Archery in the UK – Archery GB in Brief – PDF

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Get into Archery News



The British have a long and cherished history with archery.


Archery offers many opportunities across age ranges and abilities. , find out more!
Archery for All

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