Ragnar the Murderer

‘Ragnar the Murderer’ is coming out to play again, courtesy of my new publisher, Extasy Books.  Ragnar is Book One in Tales of Forbidden Love from the Danelaw, the new name for the trilogy.

Re-edited with a new cover and a new author name, it will be published on 15th November, so just before my birthday! Many of you know Ragnar, I hope you will be pleased to see his book in its new form, so please take a look.

Here is the cover, designed by Carmen Waters:


I am holding a Facebook Event party on 14th November to celebrate the launch, please come along!


Here is the blurb:

914 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw.

Half breed Dane, Ragnar Long Reach, does his best to fit in with his kinfolk, but always feels like an outcast. When he meets the English Aelfwyn, also spurned by her clan, sparks fly and they begin a passionate affair. She is promised to another man, however, and forbidden to consort with Danes.

When her betrothed is murdered, Ragnar is the obvious suspect. Did he commit the crime, or is he just a pawn in someone else’s game?

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