Bjarni the Hero

Bjarni the Hero is the second in my series Tales of Forbidden Love from the Danelaw, due to be published on 15th December. You may have noticed that all the titles are ironic…

This book continues the story of the 10th century Danish settlers of Hallby and their links with the local English villagers of Byrnham, but this time focuses on Bjarni, the best friend of Ragnar, and his family.

Cover designed by Carmen Waters.


915 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw

When Danish warrior Bjarni’s impulsive marriage to the English Saehild starts falling apart, they both look for comfort elsewhere. He befriends a slave woman, while his wife falls under the spell of a mysterious loner. But how are their new companions associated with the elusive murderers who are terrifying the villagers?


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