Tales of Forbidden Love from the Danelaw- Bjarni the Hero

Tomorrow, the second part in my Tales of Forbidden Love from the Danelaw, Bjarni the Hero, will be published. It is what I would call ‘historical-lite’, which means the story concentrates more on how people behave and their relationships with each other rather than on an extremely detailed historical setting. So more of a Romance than a Historical.

I’m holding a Facebook Launch party for Bjarni the Hero on 15th December 7.30- 10.00 p.m. GMT. Please visit it here:

Bjarni the Hero Facebook party

If you are wondering what the Danelaw was, here is a good explanation from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK


What was the Danelaw?

The Danelaw roughly occupied the area north of a line drawn from London to Chester (see map). It included five fortified towns, or burhs, including Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Stamford and Derby.


This division of land meant that the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings could live and trade peacefully. Most of the modern place-names which have Viking elements are in what would have been the Danelaw.

The Danelaw slowly became smaller over time. By AD918 the southern Danelaw was back under Anglo-Saxon control. In the north, Viking power collapsed after the Battle of Brunanburh in AD937.


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