Kjartan the Gentle

My third book in the Tales of Forbidden Love from the Danelaw will be published on 15th January. ‘Kjartan the Gentle’ is a gay male romance- what happens when two men fall in love with each other in the macho, homophobic Norse culture…

It was published before as “Ragnar the Just”, but now it has been re-edited and given a new cover by my new publisher, Extasy Books, designed by Carmen Waters.


916 A.D. East Anglia under the Danelaw.

In Dark Age Britain, you knew your place and if you didn’t keep to it, you faced the consequences…

Hot-blooded Kjartan, accidental hero, has settled down into married life, with a baby on the way. But when he meets handsome glass maker Lini, their unlawful relationship provokes angry and passionate reactions from their kinfolk.

They have to fight back against the prejudice of Norse culture, and find out who their real friends—and enemies—are. And this conflict leads to murder.

But who is the victim, and who the killer?


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