Guest Post by Charlie Richards

Today I’m pleased to welcome Charlie Richards to my blog. I asked her to write a blog post about the M/M genre and to publicise her own book, as part of my lead up to the publication of my own M/M book, Kjartan the Gentle, on 15th January.


A big Thank You to Catherine for letting me take over her blog for a day. Going along with the theme of how we started in the m/m genre, I’m happy to share a bit about my own introduction into m/m reading, which naturally impacted my forays into m/m writing.

So, first off…I still remember my first time reading about a m/m relationship, which happened to be in the story Fantasmagorical by Annmarie McKenna. This is actually a tale about a woman going to a pleasure island for vacation. She gets involved with a pair of men searching for a female third. Still, it kinda blind-sided me, and I’ll admit that…the first m/m sex scene I read…I stopped, cocked my head, and reread it—just to be sure I’d really read what I thought I’d read. Ha ha. *wink, wink*

After that, I didn’t limit myself to just Ms. McKenna’s m/f stories. I very happily read all her m/m stories, too. Such wonderful stories.

Soon, I branched out to other authors and began exploring the world of m/m romance. I bought several hundred from fictionwise, which is no longer in service. I found Changling Press, which had loads of short, short stories which were tons of fun. After gobbling those up, I found longer works at eXtasy Books & a few other publishers. (I was on a Sony ereader, so didn’t use Amazon.) Soon, m/m was the only genre I was reading. Don’t get me wrong. I still have a few m/f stories that I keep on my ereader and love to reread, and I’m always up for a good epic fantasy.

During all these changes in reading material, I was writing. I’d been writing stories ever since I understood what a story was, and just as what I read changed, so did what I wrote. I’ve completed epic fantasies, m/f romances, ménages, and finally, as my reading focused on m/m relationships, I began writing m/m stories.

Most of the tales I write now are paranormal tales set here in present day, with shape shifters, vampires, and gargoyles. I do write a few other subgenres, because everyone needs a change of pace now and then. I dabble in a contemporary series a couple of times a year. Plus, to satisfy my love of kilted highlanders, I have a paranormal historical series with dragon shifters set in ancient Scotland.

For more information swing by my website:

My latest release was A Nip of Good Cheer, the first tale in the spin-off series – A Loving Nip. This was in response to a number of reader’s questions about the vampires I have introduced as secondary characters in my Wolves of Stone Ridge series and Kontra’s Menagerie series. After much thought, I decided to focus on those vampires in their very own series.

Please, enjoy a short excerpt from A Nip of Good Cheer. If you’re willing to take a moment to post a comment, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a free copy of one of my books…winner’s choice.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year!

a nip of good cheer tmp

Buy A Nip of Good Cheer at Amazon:



Just a little Love Bite: When you ignore your senses, you can miss out on something pretty important.


Daystrum Striplan, second in command of the Esson vampire coven, knows he’s been distracted the past month or two. He just can’t figure out what tugs at his mind…or rather…whom. Every night Daystrum’s dreams are plagued by a slender male figure with striking blue eyes. When he wakes, his fangs ache with the need to sink them into the man’s column of tanned flesh and taste his blood. Unfortunately, Daystrum can’t remember where or when—hell, even if—he’s met the man in his dreams. Then, the evening of the coven Christmas party, Daystrum scents the object of his obsession, Korbin Harris. He’s not the only one who notices the human, though. Jaymes, the master of a visiting coven also expresses his interest, and that vampire doesn’t have to beg forgiveness for forgetting their first meeting…a meeting that Korbin remembers. Can Daystrum earn the forgiveness and affection of his wayward beloved?




Paul stopped beside the sofa and smirked at them. His smile widened into a grin. “I’m heading to bed.” He winked. “Don’t worry. I’ll be wearing ear buds, so make all the noise you want.”

Gasping, Korbin gaped as he watched a snickering Paul bounce through the dining room and up the stairs. From somewhere upstairs, Paul’s voice filtered back down to him as the teen called, “Have fun!”

Korbin felt his face heat. “I can’t believe he just said that to me,” Korbin grumbled.

Daystrum chuckled as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to his temple. “I happen to think his suggestion is a good one,” he whispered throatily. “Brock has gone out, so other than a soon-to-be sleeping Paul, we have the house to ourselves.” He licked Korbin’s earlobe, then blew softly, causing Korbin to hiss as his skin tingled. “Let me take you to bed, Korbin,” Daystrum urged. “I want to make you mine.”

Taking less than an instant to decide, Korbin nodded. “Oh, yes,” he agreed. “I think we’ve definitely waited long enough.”

The speed with which Daystrum jumped from the couch and held out his hand stroked Korbin’s ego like nothing else ever could. Seeing the pale red glow in the vampire’s eyes, betraying his need, Korbin took his time to take Daystrum’s hand, giving him a slow once over in the process, lingering over the bulge filling out his groin.

Daystrum growled. “Oh, you little tease,” he rumbled. “Show me to your room.”

Korbin grinned, anticipation heating his blood. As he led the way through the house and up the stairs, his cock throbbed harder with each step. By the time Korbin reached his bedroom, he felt certain he’d leaked a wet spot visible even though his jeans. However, as he turned at the sound of the door closing, all thought fled upon spotting the feral look etched over Daystrum’s features.

Walking around him, Daystrum took the lead and headed to the bed. He stopped beside it and reached for the hem of Korbin’s t-shirt. Feeling the backs of Daystrum’s fingers brushing along his sides as the vampire lifted his shirt caused his muscles to clench. Korbin felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and he hissed at the light sensation.

“Lift,” Daystrum urged when his shirt caught on his arms.

His heart rate speeding up, Korbin met Daystrum’s gaze for a few seconds. He hadn’t felt self-conscious about his body in years, not since Brock had gotten him into jogging and lifting free-weights. Compared to Daystrum’s wide, six foot two inch frame, he’d appear scrawny.

Still, Korbin couldn’t deny Daystrum’s request…and he really wanted relief on his dick. He lifted his arms and shivered as the cool bedroom air hit his warm chest. His nipples puckered and when the shirt was gone and he could see again, Korbin noticed how Daystrum’s gaze was riveted to his nubs.

Meeting his gaze, Daystrum smiled as he reached for Korbin’s nipples. He pinched them, making Korbin gasp and shudder. Korbin reached up and gripped Daystrum’s upper arms as he looked down and watched the vampire’s thick blunt fingers work his sensitive nubs.

“Oh,” Korbin whimpered, pressing into the delicious touch.

“Mmm,” Daystrum hummed. “Love how you react to my touch.” He continued to pluck, rub, and twist Korbin’s nipples.

Korbin’s chest flushed in response and he panted softly, his skin feeling as if it was on fire.

“What do you think?” Daystrum asked gruffly. “Think we should get these pierced?” He pinched Korbin’s nipples, accentuating his point. “I bet you’d like that.”

Groaning, Korbin felt his prick ooze in his briefs. “Y-yeah.” He’d seen some of the shifters with piercings and had wondered what it’d feel like.

“You do like that idea,” Daystrum growled. He released a nipple and trailed it lightly down Korbin’s chest. With his other hand, he continued to lightly rub his left nipple. “Let’s see how much.”

Daystrum’s fingertips reached Korbin’s waist and he quickly flicked the button, then gripped the zipper tab and pulled it down. Immediately, Korbin’s brief-clad erection pressed between the flaps. Daystrum’s nostrils flared, obviously scenting the pre-cum soaking Korbin’s engorged head.

Whimpering, Korbin bucked his hips as sizzles of sensation zipped down his stalk to his balls. “Oh my god,” he ground out through gritted teeth as pleasure blind-sided him. His orgasm swamped him, and he flooded his briefs with cum. “Daystrum!”

Clutching tightly to Daystrum’s biceps, Korbin shuddered as he rode the crest of his release. Heated bliss coursed through his veins. Goose bumps broke out over his arms. Breathing hard, slowly coming back to himself, Korbin would have felt embarrassed. Except, he felt fricking fantastic.

Daystrum hummed, the sound primal and full of satisfaction. “Such a pretty sight, your body flushed in pleasure.” His eyes narrowed as he stared down at him, a pleased smile showing off his fangs. “I bet a Prince Albert would make you shoot off like a rocket.”

Korbin didn’t have the words to deny that request. While he wasn’t really certain he wanted a piercing in the head of his dick, something told him Daystrum would be able to drive him out of his ever-loving mind with the damn thing. However, with Daystrum still massaging the sensitive skin just below his cap and staring at him as if he was Daystrum’s favorite thing on the menu, Korbin’s cock remained hard, and his ass clenched in anticipation.

“Fuck me.”

Holy shit! Did I just say that?

“Oh, my sweet beloved,” Daystrum purred. “I will do more than fuck you. I will lay claim to your ass. We will be bonded for all of eternity.” His eyes glowed red. “All mine.”




10 thoughts on “Guest Post by Charlie Richards

  1. I enjoyed A Good Nip of Cheer… I do love vampires, shifters and gargoyles.
    Thank you for your blog post Charlie, I enjoyed reading it…
    Thank you Catherine, i’m looking forward to reading your 1st M/M book.

  2. I love Charlie’s books. I’m a huge fan of the Wolves Of Stone Ridge, Konta’s, Paranormal Love and now the Vampire’s books. I couldn’t even pick a favourite well maybe Freeing Demitri’s Wolf

  3. Great post. I love Charlie’s books, all of her series are such yummy reads. She is an auto buy for me. I love the m/m genre, it is mostly what I read now. But I do still read the other genres also.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, Catherine.

    • Thanks for your comment, Laurie 🙂 I enjoyed Charlie visiting my blog, I’m so impressed by all the good books she’s written. I hope you enjoy my M/M book, it is the third in a trilogy (the other two are not M/M).

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