Guest Post by Beany Sparks

Today I’m very pleased to welcome Beany Sparks as my guest! She is talking about her own experience of the M/M genre and her own M/M books.

Hi Catherine *waves* Thanks for letting me visit your blog 🙂

I sat in front of the computer for a while trying to think of what to ramble about (yes, I admit, I ramble) and I struggled. Give me questions to answer and I can come up with something, but if I have to come up with an actual post? PITA disappears and I’m sitting there just looking at the screen.

But after I stopped getting distracted by the TV and stopped looking at my iPod which was taunting me about how I had a few more stories in the current series I’m reading (for anyone interested, it’s Viola Grace’s Tales of the Citadel series, yes its M/F but it’s addictive!) I came up with something.

Here goes!

I’ve been reading M/M stories for years now, ever since I stumbled onto my first book which was Attracting Anthony by Amber Kell. When I started writing, the first story I wrote was M/F but then the next one was M/M and since then I have written more M/M stories and have even more planned.Aiden's Shepherd


Aside from one story, all of mine M/M stories have had shifters, magic or both. I like the freedom that it provides because you can create a whole world for your characters and just have fun. My Paws and Magic series was initially going to be one story and now I have two published and at least twelve more characters wanting their stories told.Ryan's Wizard






Christmas, snow and…a merman? (Merman Tales 1) started off as a standalone, but the idea for the next story came and got stuck in my mind. Now the next story in that series is due out in February.

Christmas Snow Merman


Can you see a trend? *winks*

It seems that my M/M characters are more vocal and determined for me to write their stories, now I just need to keep up. I have a few more projects planned for this year but no real details on them. For now, I’m working on Merman Tales 2 and Paws and Magic 3.




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