Five Ways to Wellbeing- Give- Practical Action

A leaflet for this charity just fell out of a magazine and I liked the sound of it. Technology is what has brought the human race through our most difficult times, it is right that less developed countries benefit too. Practical help is exactly what everyone needs in times of crisis. Practical Action

Reducing poverty through technology

Practical Action works with communities to find practical solutions to the poverty they face. Technology has a vital role to play in building livelihoods – and technology can include physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment, but also knowledge, skills and the capacity to organise and use all of these. We currently have over 100 projects worldwide. Last year we used technology to directly benefit over 900,000 poor women and men through projects in developing countries around the world. We work in four main areas:

Energy access

 Access to energy can transform lives

We work with communities to develop renewable energy, using natural resources such as water, wind, sun and waste. More about our work in Energy …

Food and agriculture

Increasing income and access to food

We use simple but effective technologies such as compost pits, fish cages, zeer pots, floating gardens and donkey ploughs to improve access to fresh food. More about our work in Food and Agriculture

Urban water and waste

Access to clean, safe water and waste services

We work with communities to get water for drinking, washing, cooking and agriculture – helping to improve sanitation and health. More about our work in Urban Water and Waste

Disaster risk reduction

Reducing vulnerability to disasters

Rather than emergency relief after the event, we work with communities to help them to prepare for, cope with and adapt to future hazards. Read more about work in Disaster Risk Reduction

 Simple ideas

Practical Action is all about using simple ideas.  Working with poor people in the developing world to address their problems, building on their existing knowledge and skills to develop simple, sustainable solutions.
Below are just a few examples of this incredible work. Floating gardens

Water hyacinth is collected to construct a raft, which is then covered in soil to enable farmers to grow food on flooded land
Simple design changes improve houses enough to be unaffected by flooding and resulting dangers to livelihoods Read more
Depending solely on gravitational force, gravitational ropeways are simple, inexpensive to operate, and environmentally friendly Read more
Some of the world’s poorest people are those who live in slums, Practical Action is working to install effective sanitation in these areas Read more
Micro-hydro power is a renewable, indigenous and non-polluting resource for the small-scale generation of energy using falling water. Read more
Ceramic fridges use evaporation to keep food fresh and medicine cool in the hottest climates. Read more
Read more here:

Get involved

 There are many ways to take Practical Action

Challenge yourself

There are many ways in which you could help Practical Action achieve its ambition of reducing poverty around the world, and fulfil a lifetime dream at the same time. Read more


Get your community fundraising

Join up, get together and make a difference! We’ve got lots of ideas for events and activities to get your local community fundraising, or follow your heart and design your own challenges to fit your passions. Read more

Fundraising news

Around the world, our supporters are going to incredible lengths to raise money for Practical Action’s projects. Read more

Fundraising Materials

Here you’ll find Practical Action’s Fundraising Pack and materials to help in your fundraising. Read more

Stay informed with Small Talk

Sign up to our monthly e-mail newsletter to get updates on Practical Action’s work around the world. Read more

Churches and faith groups

Would your Church or religious group be willing to support us to help poor men, women and children lead a secure and healthier future? Read more

Fundraising at School

Resources for fundraising at school. Read more

Practical Presenters

Practical Presenters are the local face of Practical Action – voluntary speakers who give presentations to local community groups and organisations about Prcatical Action’s work. Read more

Campaign with us

Practical Action aims to challenge some of the underlying causes of poverty by campaigning to influence national and international policies. Read more

Spread the word!

Stay up to date with Practical Action on your favourite social media sites. Read more

Chair’s Circle

Led by our Chair of Trustees, the Chair’s Circle comprises individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, whose annual contributions of £5,000 or more play a vital role in Practical Action’s current programmes and future sustainability. Read more

Welcome to Practical Action Students

We always have some amazing adventures and crazy challenges on the go for students! Read more


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