Five Ways to Wellbeing- Take Notice- February


The month of romance and Valentine’s Day. What is happening in nature?

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Hazel catkin

Hazel catkin

This month look out for:

Frog spawn in ponds
Hazel catkins opening out
Bird flocks in wetlands and estuaries
Redwings, fieldfares and waxwings
Birds visiting the bird table & hanging feeders

The month of February can be as harsh as any, with snow and freezing winds.  However its is possible to spot hints of better things to come.  Although spring is still several weeks away the first signs are there to see.  Hazel catkins have started to expand into golden tassels in order to release their pollen to the wind.  The female part of the hazel plant, which catches the wind borne pollen, consists of a tiny red cone of red stigmas.




The beautiful and delicate snowdrops now poke their heads above the cold earth in abundance.  Although not native in many places they have become naturalised and can carpet the woodland floor.  Snowdrops have particularly spread along river banks in some localities. Winter aconite are also early flowering introductions, with their cheerful yellow buttercup like flowers.

In the world of birds the winter migrants are still in Britain.  The estuaries are full of waders furiously feeding for worms and other titbits in the mud.  Ducks are also to be found in large flocks on estuaries, along with geese and swans at some locations.

Song thrush

Song thrush


Some birds have already started to sing.  Mistle and song thrushes proclaim their territory from lofty perches.  On the sunnier days a great tit may sing its repetitive “tea-cher tea-cher” song.  For more information on bird songs visit the bird song page.

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