Five Ways to Wellbeing- Give- Action for Street Kids

Action for Street Kids was established in 2000. Caring for Children on the streets of cities worldwide. Children matter.

Soacha street kids centre 'Main Term'

ASK works with partner charities worldwide, in the UK and developing countries, to fund street work, intake shelters, residential and educational care, family reconstruction, medical and counselling services.

Below are people’s homes in parts of South Africa:


Please continue reading here and support if you can. Be aware, that many of the stories on the site are horrific, the cruelty of people to others is unbelievable if you live in a peaceful country and are not used to it.

Compasio Street Kids Drop In Centre in Mae Sot, Thailand:


Give as you Live

Shop online with thousands of stores and raise money for your favourite cause with every purchase- at no cost to you.

Get great offers from leading brands that raise funds for your favourite cause.

How does it work?

Watch the video on this page or click the Youtube video link below:


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