Have fun writing! Finish the Story contest 2- Pursued in Space

Finish the Story Contest 2 is here! A reminder of what this is all about: https://catherinelbyrne.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/have-fun-writing-finish-the-story-contests/

Pursued in Space


Finish the Story contest 2

Please finish this story within 1500 (that is one thousand five hundred) words and send your entry via the form at the bottom of the page. DEADLINE: 27th February 🙂


Pursued in Space


“We’re surrounded!” shouted Captain Davidson as the Federation ship Morpheus zapped through space on an avoidance course. “The Zorlons have us surrounded!”

The enemy ships wheeled about the Morpheus, firing at will as the ship dodged around them thanks to the top flying skills of the pilots who sat nearest to the ship’s viewer, sweating with effort.

“If only we’d taken the short cut to Pandulan space at the last jump gate,” said the Captain despairingly, smoothing down his russet handlebar moustache. “We’d be on a nice aquatic planet swimming in the sea.”

“Don’t worry, sir!” replied First Officer Rogers, a broad imposing man with a blond crewcut. “I’ve memorised the Federation Handbook.” He turned to the crew and began issuing orders.

“Alter the trans-warp gravimetric variance!” he told the dark, brooding Lieutenant Novak.

“Recalibrate the magnatomic interface capacitor!” he barked at Ensign Fernando, a smiling rotund man.

“Send a phased pulse nutation to the lead ships!” he instructed Crewman Sydney, an icy blonde with a beehive hairstyle.

“Generate an anomalous dampening inversion to stop them firing!” he commanded Ensign King, who was so ordinary he hardly registered on anyone’s radar.

Everyone ran round like headless chickens trying to carry out his orders and wondering what on earth he was talking about.

“Or, we could just fly quicker,” said the Captain. “Engage!” He pumped the air with his fist and the ship zoomed into hyperspace.

When they came out of it, rather dizzy and dishevelled, some crew members upside down and some wearing each other’s clothes, they were orbiting a green luxuriant planet with moons circling around it.

“Let’s land here,” said the Captain. “It looks verdant, and I need a lot of water to hold my shape—er—I mean—to swim in.”

The First Officer muttered to Lieutenant Novak, “I fear the Captain’s gone off his rocker. He didn’t seem to understand my instructions.”

Novak nodded. “I fear he’s been taken over by a shape shifter from the planet Megalik. He doesn’t look right. And normally he loves it if you spout all that technical stuff, it just went over his head today.”

“Maybe we should take action. Who can we trust?”

Novak looked round the crew. “Not Fernando or King, but Sydney would be fine. Let’s talk to her.”

The two men caught up with Crewman Sydney in the mess hall and sat down either side of her.

“We have a proposition for you, Crewman,” said Rogers.

“Oh, I thought you’d never ask,” she simpered.

“Not that sort of proposition. That was in our student days at the academy. Will you join us overthrowing the Captain? He’s a shape shifter and we must get the real one back.”

Sydney gasped. “What can we do?”

Novak took her hand. “There’s only one way to prove he’s a shifter. That’s why we need you, my dear.”


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