Review of ‘Mending Fences’ by Nya Rawlyns

Mending Fences

I started reading this book feeling both happy and sad. It’s the book I’ve been waiting for in the Men of Crow Creek series—Ben’s story. But it’s also the last in the Crow Creek series *sobs*.

When Ben first appeared in the earlier books, I thought he was a shallow character, the type of person I didn’t like, but gradually throughout the series he revealed more of his personality and his deep insecurities. I liked reading more in depth about him in his own story instead of just as a minor character playing a part in all the other stories. He is actually very loveable and as usual, Nya Rawlyns writes a convincing description of life on a ranch, dealing with horses, cattle, tourists. A life I know nothing of and enjoy reading about.

A very satisfying conclusion to the Crow Creek series about a character who is now probably my favourite, and don’t worry, it’s still full of hot sex 😀


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