Five Ways to Wellbeing- Connect- the Empathy Museum

Empathy Museum


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The Empathy Museum opens its doors in 2015
What is the Empathy Museum?

We are launching the world’s first Empathy Museum, an experiential adventure space for stepping into the shoes of other people and looking at the world through their eyes. It will be an international travelling exhibition – starting out in London – and will exist online too. The Empathy Museum is dedicated to developing the skill of empathising and creating a global revolution of human relationships.

Why do we need an Empathy Museum?

Empathy is a more popular concept today than at any time in the last century. It’s on the lips of everyone from Barack Obama to the Dalai Lama, from business gurus to happiness experts. Neuroscience research reveals that 98% of people have the ability to empathise – but few of us reach our full empathic potential.

Moreover, we now live in such a hyperindividualistic world that our empathic capacities are rapidly being eroded. Our failure to appreciate other people’s viewpoints, experiences and feelings is at the root of prejudice, conflict and inequality. Empathy is the antidote we need.

Based on the ideas of cultural thinker Roman Krznaric, and his book Empathy, the Empathy Museum will transform the way you look at the world, and yourself. Over half a million people have watched the animated video outlining our vision, and we’ve already launched a digital Empathy Library with users across the globe.

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