Review of ‘The Chimera Affair’ by Keira Andrews

Chimera Affair

I always enjoy Keira Andrews’ books but ‘The Chimera Affair’ is the best one I’ve read yet. If you love James Bond type spy stories with a twist, this book is for you.

I have always wanted to read a spy story where the spy had to rescue a man in peril instead of a woman and this fits the bill perfectly. It is a breathless race of a story about a secret agent tearing around the world on a mission to save humanity. But he didn’t bargain on getting caught up with the gay son of the supervillain, who doesn’t just crumble when thrown into deadly situations and is more than a match for the agent. There are lots of hot sex scenes, made hotter by the fact that our heroes are running for their lives from every imaginable villain and have to grab the opportunity whenever they can.

The sense of urgency—finding food, water, clothing, showers, sleep—is convincing in every scene and it is obvious that Keira Andrews has done lots of research into covert operations, as she does into the subjects for all her stories, such as ice skating for ‘Cold War’. I really did not know how this story would end until the last page.

I really hope she writes another story about this couple, I’d love to read about their further adventures.

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