Some Other Freedom Excerpt 1

“I can’t think why I didn’t get together with Francesca before,” said Anthony to Jake. “We make such a good team.”
“So why didn’t you?”
“Er—er—she’s always been in a relationship before. Haven’t you, darling?”
“Don’t flatter me, darling.” Francesca examined her expensive, manicured nails. “I only had a couple of boyfriends before you.”
“Now she’s got the perfect man.” He laughed.
“Now you’re flattering yourself.” She laughed. “Our parents are very happy with our relationship.”
“I bet,” said Trina. “They’ve probably always dreamed of your union.”
“Yes,” said Anthony. “And now their dreams have come true.”
Jake’s phone rang and he leapt up, knocking his tea over. “Must get this.” He strode into the office.


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