Some Other Freedom Excerpt 2

Mrs Murphy waved a piece of paper at Anthony. “Young Joanna Ridgeway wants to leave my tutor group and join yours.” Her frizzy, pumpkin-yellow hair quivered as she spoke.
He firmly suppressed a smile. “Oh, I didn’t know about this. Is this the confirmation slip?”
He tried to take it but she was still waving it.
“That girl told me this in front of all my students, it was humiliating!”
“Oh dear, I’m sorry—”
“She said you understand her better. What does that mean?”
“I don’t know, I—”
“Why do you understand her better?” She stepped closer to him. “Young Joanna is—well—she’s—not a conventional girl—”
“She is gay, you mean?”
“Yes. I don’t agree with that sort of thing. What did she mean, you understand her better?” By now she stood less than a foot away, her Arctic blue eyes glaring into his brown ones. “Something you know that I don’t?”


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