Some Other Freedom Excerpt 3

“All couples should be one man, one woman, anything else is indecent—” Raymond rambled on, finishing his whisky and pouring another.
Annabel turned to Anthony.
“So, darling, as long as you’re happy.”
“Yes, I am. Thanks Mum.” He took a big gulp of whisky, which burned all the way down his throat into his stomach, but he didn’t care.
“I don’t want to push you into going too fast with Francesca, I’m just happy for you.”
“Oh!” Raymond exclaimed. “Quick, turn the television on, it’s Gardeners’ World.”
Cecile sighed, and turned back to her texting.
Anthony managed to watch the first five minutes of Gardeners World while the presenter explained the late winter jobs to be done in the garden—plant bare rooted shrubs and trees if the weather is mild. Bring in herb roots to grow fresh herbs for cooking. Dig beds which need to be planted in early spring so frost can break down the soil.
His mind began to wander, back to what happened with Blondie at the wedding reception.


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