Why do I write MM romance? by Bronwyn Heeley

In the run up to the Book Blast Tour for Kjartan the Gentle, some author friends have kindly written guest posts for my blog. Today it is the turn of Bronwyn Heeley.


I asked her to write about why she writes M/M (gay male) romance.

Her answer:


Why do I write MM romance?

Hm… good question and one that’s asked more than any other in the genre, the problem is I don’t actually have an answer, not a plan and clean one anyway.

You see I have never really seen romance as being between and male and a female. I have never seen heterosexual as what life was like, or what romance had to be. When I started writing, I had this paranormal series and by book 4 we already had a plot line for an MM couple, a MF with the M who was a Drag Queen, a MMF where the female came into a MM romance as well as a spin-off FF series. This was before I even heard of the MM world, and because I had characters going into it, I went searching.

First, I did the real-life search, which had me writing to 2K shorts, one MM and the other FF to see if I could, and I found them easier to write then the MF short I was trying to finish at the time.

I found a, well, MMFF (MFMF MMFF MMF FFM or something like that, I think). Anyway, it wasn’t good, but it proved to me that what I wanted to write had a place and I went in search for it, first with me MMF storyline, as it was the one in my head at the time, which naturally shoved me in the direction of MM.

Then I wrote Loved by A Werewolf, it was a short story for a Christmas blog post, and I loved writing every minute of it. It felt… cliché as it is, right. They stories flowed better, the storylines stuck, and I have been in this headspace for 5 years, that’s the longest I’ve ever stuck to anything.

I quite simply fell in love, just like everyone else that writes for passion rather than coin. I can’t see myself every stopping, I can’t see myself going to MF because they have disappeared, the storylines, that is, not so much the world. I’d love to write into that world again, but other than my 1 MMF book I don’t see me writing a MF – I wouldn’t mind a FF but only time will tell if I go that way.

Anyway, I’m not sure if that answers the question, but I guess in simple forms I don’t think I was meant to write anything other than MM, or other than LGBT+ related, in my stories, I’m not sure I’d have been able to write without them.

Then again, I don’t think I’d ever be able to write anything but what I am now, the world works that way tho, doesn’t it. Always getting us to where we are going to be. I don’t see the point on fighting it, or trying to be someone I’m not, just seems to me like I’d be wasting a lot of energy spent on something that doesn’t matter in the first place.

I’m all for following the flow of life.

If you want to learn more about me, here are a few of my links:

Blog: www.bronwynheeley.blogspot.com

Website: http://beeheeley.wix.com/bronwynheeley

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bronwyn.heeley.5

Moonlit Wolves 7

Protecting My Werewolf

(Moonlit Wolves #7)


Justin is back for one thing, to take Jex home, but what he finds makes him realise that maybe there’s something more in life than taking orders from a man who owns his soul.

It doesn’t take a smart man to realise there’s something different about this group of men, but it’s definitely going to take strength to walk away. Can Adam show Justin his worth more than going back to his old life, even when that means stepping into a war he’d never expect, let alone knew existed?


Note: this series must be read in order.

Buy links:

Extasybooks: http://www.extasybooks.com/bronwyn-heeley/Protecting-My-werewolf/

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1VlxeUo

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22468267-protecting-my-werewolf



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