How I Came To Write MM Romance by April Kelley

My next guest blogger in the run up to my Book Blast Tour with Kjartan the Gentle, is April Kelley, author of the Pickleville series of M/M romances. She discusses what inspired her to write her books.

I’ve been an avid reader all of my adult life, if not my childhood. In college I studied literary and almost managed to get my degree in English Literature before changing my major to History. I managed to read some of the greats and have several books that I read all the time like they’re my bible. I won’t bore you with my classic literature choices but I will say some books are a must read for every author to read, regardless of the genre they write in and most of these books are considered classic literature. That’s for another discussion though.

Anyway, I’ve been an avid read of everything for more than twenty years now. About fifteen-ish years ago I met the most amazing group of ladies in a paperback book trading website. These ladies introduced me to erotica and erotic romance. From there I was introduce to people like Emma Holly, who has M/M elements in her books. I read erotic romance for a number of years before I was introduce to JL Langley and then Carol Lynne.

I began reviewing for some reputable review sites-for the free books of course.

While I have always been a writer and have many things that will never see the light of day mostly because they’re not a priority for me to publish, I started secretly writing M/M romance about the same time I started reviewing other writers works. I guess the actually act of writing on a regular basis inspired me to keep going.

I never really took my writing seriously until last summer when I had a bout of depression hit me hard and I needed a way to get out of my own head. I think many writers suffer from some sort of mental anguish and that’s why we write. I know I certainly do and writing does help me great deal.

Now the voices in my head won’t leave me alone no matter what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

April’s buy links:


April’s most recent two books:

Sum of Everything Fixing what's Bent

Buy The Sum of Everything here:

Buy Fixing What’s Bent here:

My review of ‘The Sum of Everything’

I was interested to read the next instalment of the Pickleville series and found Greg to be the character I most sympathised with. His abusive background meant he didn’t trust many people and rarely spoke in case he got into trouble. I liked that through the book he gradually found people he could trust and who would help him, like a surrogate dad and brothers.

I wasn’t too keen on Brian at first, but like Travis in the first book, I grew to like him. His privileged up bringing doesn’t mean he escaped all of life’s problems and he does some deep thinking about his own attitude to people.

I liked the way that in this book, relationship and other problems did not get solved too quickly, there were misunderstandings and awkward encounters getting in the way of a resolution.  There were also some funny incidents and lines, which made me chuckle along the way.

April has also cleverly set up the next book in the series by making it clear that something happens in this book between the couple who go on to star in book 3…but what?


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