Why I like M/M romance by Catherine Lievens

Today in the run up to the Book Blast Tour for Kjartan the Gentle, I welcome Catherine Lievens, author of the Whitedell Pride series. She writes about why she loves M/M romance stories.


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Like many readers, I discovered MM through an MF series—it was the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward if you want to know—Team Qhuay! I didn’t even know there was such a big choice in MM books before then, but it got me interested and I went looking for more. The first MM author I read was J.L. Langley, and she got me hooked to the genre. It was fresh, it was different—a good kind of different.

I’m not even sure I could explain precisely why I love MM so much. I just know that while I’ve always read a lot, the MF romance part of the books usually left me uninterested. They all felt much of the same after a while, and I didn’t often find heroines I actually liked and that I didn’t want to strangle through my Kindle. I always used to mentally pair the main character with another male character and jumped the sex scenes—I still do that, actually, but mostly with movies and TV shows since I don’t read much MF anymore. I tried, but there’s something missing for me to get really involved in whatever love story I’m reading.

Let’s make a list, okay?

  1. In MM books there’s an equal relationship, at least most of the time. Sure, there can be a more vulnerable character, or even one who likes to dress like a woman, but the main characters are still on equal footing. No gender molds, no excessive wooing. Sex is a lot more straightforward because no one is treated or afraid to be treated like a you-know-what for having sex after only a handful of hours (or days).
  2. It’s a way to see into men and feel with them when in real life I have to torture my husband to get an I-love-you. There are a lot of interesting themes you can’t have in MF, like the gay-for-you. Oh, the angst of the not-so-straight guy when he realizes he has the hots for his male roommate/best friend/nurse!
  3. I love reading about acceptance, and reading MM books gives me that. It also opened my eyes to problems I never thought about before I discovered the genre and I think it made me much more accepting and open-minded than I was before.
  4. And last, (I could actually still go on, but I’m sure Catherine doesn’t want a novel instead of a blog post!) my inner voice, or Muse, or whatever you want to call it, is male. No idea why.

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You can find me on my blog: https://authorcatherinelievens.wordpress.com/, on Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorCLievens and on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catherine.lievens.9

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2 thoughts on “Why I like M/M romance by Catherine Lievens

  1. I love getting to know another fan in the genre. I am glad there is such a surge in the storylines available these days and yours appears to defy the typical mold. I find it interesting that your muse is male – ironically so is mine. Keep writing and proving there are books that show acceptance and that every character should land on equal footing.

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